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PMS.....Portfolio management system

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is to address varying investment preferences. As a focused service, PMS pays attention to details, and portfolios are customized to suit the unique requirements of investors. Equities as an asset class outperform almost any other investment vehicle over a longer time period. Anyone interested in wealth creation would invest a major chunk of the overall investment portfolio in equities.
Our PMS aims at Profit Maximization and Safe investments.
Peace of Mind in Stock markets is a rare phenomenon but our PMS aims at providing the same by investing on behalf of clients on the basis of well-conducted research, experience and expertise of our Fund Manager, well supported by his research team.


Professional Management - The service offers professional management of your equity investments with an aim to deliver consistent return with an eye on risk.

Extensive Research - We build our portfolio on the basis of well-researched scrips, which includes studying overall industry, company specific growth factors as well conducting company/ factory visits, management interviews and discussions etc.

Risk Control - Having a well-diversified portfolio helps in reducing risk of non-diversification. Also use of various derivatives strategies as hedging tool helps in covering the downside risk.

Convenience - Our Portfolio Management Service relieves you from all the administrative hassles of your investments.

Frequent Reporting - With the help of web enabled services the transaction, holding, account performance can be seen online by our investors.

Dedicated Relationship Manager - To answer all queries and providing necessary information on your investments.

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